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Job Description

We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer to join the team of one of our best clients from Ireland, Dublin. The role will be full-time, 100% remote.

Overview of the project:

Participation in ongoing IFE releases, including development of areas such as:

• Portable Media Loader (PML)

• IFE Onboard Server (OBS)

The nature of the work will initially focus on maintaining and improving the PML solution – written  in Bash, Python and Java – by addressing technical debts, improving stability and test automation,  adding new capabilities to support business needs, and providing support to the PML users.

Over time the scope will also include activities related to the OBS, like improving its CI/CD pipeline and migrating it from Jenkins to GHA, increasing observability and security of the solution, addressing technical debt and upgrading the dependencies, ensuring compliance with our enterprise initiatives. Beyond this, as IFE begins to onboard new customers, there may be product enhancement  requests. Participation in continuous improvement activities – both product and process related – including  capabilities to improve delivery frequency and quality. Support team activities to improve work practices. 


• Attend all relevant Planning and Refining sessions during the contracting period.

• Deliver work as defined at each Planning and Refining session during the contracting period.

• Work to include code changes required, and agreed automated tests to provide automatic regression testing, factored into CI pipelines, with attention to the aspects of quality.

• Participation in peer code reviews as both the reviewer and reviewee.

• Support of Site Reliability Engineering personnel.

• Participation in daily stand-ups to provide feedback on progress, and in fortnightly retrospective meetings to identify actfions for improvement.

• Participation in monthly demos where new features and improvements are demonstrated to internal stakeholders.

• Support for internal processes such as Continuous Integration pipelines and internal servers.

• Active participation in continuous improvement activities, and in learning opportunities.


• At least 5 years of experience working with Python, Java, Bash

• Strong 5+ years of DevOps experience (AWS)

• Deep understanding of how the CI/CD pipelines work

• Experience with Jenkins

• Experience with Kubernetes, Docker


Do not hesitate and apply for a chance to join a new challenge and a great team :)