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Salesforce Solution Architect

Team Extension

Job Description


Our client is a rapidly growing start up and specializes in acquiring, customizing, integratingand maintaining software solutions across small to mid-sized companies around the world.Their team has collectively implemented over 700 projects for clients globally and retainsover 30 years of software implementation and administration experience.

Experience Required for the role

  • 5+ Years

Job Description

Our clients hire us to migrate them from their legacy systems to Salesforce.You will work with a team of project managers/coordinators, business analysts, Salesforceanalysts, and data migration experts.The team works together to gather requirements, create a solution, assign out solutioningtickets, test, and demo to client. The solution architect understands the clients needs andbuilds the blueprint for how we will meet those needs and works with their teams to buildout the solutions.

Qualities required

• Strong problem-solving skills

• Self-starter, quick thinker, and calm under pressure

• Ability to learn, adapt, and grow

Roles & Responsibilities

• 5+ years experience in Salesforce

• Strong SDLC experience

• Experience in multi-system integration

• Salesforce certifications

• Teamwork, support, kindness: We are invested in each other's success

• Integrity and quality

• Personal and professional growth