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Quality Director

by Team Extension


Job Description

Team Extension is a nearshoring and offshoring technology company based in Bucharest, Romania.
Working with us, you will have the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of clients and projects. Our clients include startups and Fortune 500 companies that are based in Western Europe and in the United States. At our company, we are building a team of smart, motivated people who are passionate about helping the business continue to soar to new heights. We are well funded and in hyper growth mode.
Come join a team where you can truly make a difference.

Job Requirement

Our company doesn't just deliver, we aim to always go above and beyond for our clients. 

Qualified Quality Director candidates should have:
  • a minimum of five years experience leading a highly performing quality team within a software development company.
  • experience as a leader for performance excellence and applied knowledge of a performance improvement methodology, such as Lean or Six Sigma
  • in-depth knowledge of national trends and active nationally within the quality and performance improvement space
  • relevant experience using advanced technologies to drive operationally efficiencies and outcome improvement
  • the ability to translate broad strategies into specific objectives and initiatives
  • responsibilities including systems and process redesign, implementation of evidence-based and industry best practices throughout the organization.
  • supervise all projects and provide effective feedback to team to improve their deliveries
  • have weekly meetings with teams to discuss quality objectives to achieve
  • familiar with PM and QA/QC tools to monitor projects progresses
  • manage teams remotely
Non-technical skills and values:
  • Strong interest in software development.
  • Focus on self-improvement.
  • Good troubleshooting skills, attention to details, proactive attitude regarding implementing and fixing issues.