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Front-end React Developer

by Team Extension

IT Software

Job Description

Team Extension is looking a SENIOR front-end developer to help develop and enhance our existing React/Redux-based client-side web applications.
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Job Requirement

This is a list of hard requirements for this position, and applicants who don’t have the necessary expertise in these areas will not be considered. Therefore, you must have: 
  • Rock-solid experience in building complex, interactive applications with React.js;
  • Experienced using Redux to build state into the front-end;
  • Fluent in ES6 and comfortable using Webpack + Babel;
  • Significant experience using RESTful APIs for complex purposes, including authentication, authorization, and filtering;
  • Good familiarity with NodeJS and server-side development;
  • Capable of using SASS or CSS3 to build reasonable clean and user-friendly interfaces.

This is a list of soft requirements. Not a deal-breaker if you can’t do these things, but it'd be awesome if you have:
  • Familiarity with Jasmine or a similar testing framework;
  • Comfortable working with Typescript;
  • Working with/on Django projects, and with Django Rest Framework in particular;
  • Capable of addressing basic UX design considerations;
  • Familiarity with NGINX;
  • Familiarity with the Material-UI library, or with Google’s Material Design Guidelines.